About IURA:

Illinois Undergraduate Research Ambassadors (IURAs) are a collaborative cohort of accomplished and experienced students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

IURAs help to promote undergraduate research at the U of I and help the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) develop and maintain student-focused programs that represent the U of I’s diverse array of disciplines. As representatives of OUR, IURAs will be responsible for promoting undergraduate research to peers by holding informational workshops on undergraduate research, serving as a liaison between OUR and academic departments, and being knowledgeable about the resources that the U of I offers its undergraduate students interested in research and creative inquiry.

brianna boynton portrait

Brianna Boynton

Major: Global Studies

Non-profits and the impacts of cultural diversity on business

Brianna will not be holding meetings for Fall 2019

jason chang portrait

Jason Chang

Major: Systems Engineering / Minor: Statistics

Operations research, supply chain/logistics and inventory

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tanesha gauba portrait

Tanesha Gauba

Major: English Literature and Psychology

Developing a database of movies being shown in Mumbai during the Cold War era

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allisa hastie portrait

Allisa Hastie

Major: Civil & Environmental Engineering / Minor: Environmental Economics & Law

Quantifying water and energy flow through the urban environment

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alayna johnson portrait

Alayna Johnson

Major: Chemistry / Minor: Materials Science & Engineering

Acid-degradable polymers for use as pharmaceutical capsules

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taskeen khan portrait

Taskeen Khan

Major: Integrative Biology Honors and Chemistry

effects of fire disturbance on trees

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brenda munguia portrait

Brenda Munguia

Major: Community Health

increasing healthy eating behaviors in Hispanic families through culturally sensitive workshops

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andrea perry portrait

Andrea Perry

Major: Materials Science & Engineering and Engineering Physics

porous silicon superlens for imaging biological structures

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