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Workshops Key

Beginner: Workshops for students with little or no research experience, focusing on ways to get involved in research and the value of participating in undergraduate research. Experienced: Workshops for students with prior research experience, guiding them through the next steps of their research journey and helping them discover additional opportunities.
Advanced: Workshops for students with extensive research experience, providing tools, resources, and knowledge to excel in their research pursuits and beyond. Certificate Approved: Workshops that satisfy one of the Undergraduate Research Certificate requirements.

Short Workshops

Research Bites

Come join us for coffee, tea, and cookies while we discuss various topics pertaining to your current (or future) undergraduate research journey. These short (15 minutes) workshops are more casual than our standard 1-hour workshops but are still packed with information you won't want to miss. Topics include:

  • Discovering the Potential of Undergraduate Research
  • A Quick Overview of How to Begin your Research Journey at Illinois
  • Crafting a Successful Email to a Prospective Research Mentor
  • Finding Summer Research Opportunities

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Standard Workshops

Planning Your Research Journey

Welcome incoming freshman to the University of Illinois! Undergraduate research is widely recognized as one of the highest-impact experiences that a student can have during their time at university, but we know it can be intimidating. Join the Office of Undergraduate Research to address any concerns you may have about research, discuss how your interests are reflected in research around campus, and create your plan to get started!

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Getting Started in Research Workshop

During this workshop, we will discuss the various forms of undergraduate research that take place on campus, guide students to develop a plan of action to locate research opportunities on campus, and discuss ways to contact faculty research mentors. Students will leave the workshop with (1) a better understanding of undergraduate research and how it takes place on our campus, (2) increased confidence to contact faculty research mentors, and (3) a list of faculty mentors to contact.

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Preparing to Present at the Undergraduate Research Symposium

Prepare to give a successful presentation at the Undergraduate Research Symposium (URS) by attending two insightful URS-themed workshops. The first, "The Application," delves into URS details, application insights, and presentation types. The second, "The Event," covers crafting and delivering engaging and successful presentations. While tailored for URS preparation, both sessions are beneficial for any student gearing up for a presentation. Join us for a comprehensive guide to showcasing your research effectively.

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Poster Presentation and Design Workshop

Are you presenting at a conference this year? Need to design a poster for your class? This workshop will give you tools for communicating your research for academic conferences and professional meetings in a concise and visually effective poster presentation. This workshop is a collaboration between the Office of Undergraduate Research, Writers Workshop, and the University Library.

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Giving Great Research Presentations

This workshop will help you figure out what your presentation should include, share tips and strategies to engage your audience, and discuss how to present with confidence. This workshop also will address some technical components of giving presentations, both live and online. We encourage students who are preparing for the Undergraduate Research Symposium to attend, but this workshop will also be useful to any first-time research presenter. This workshop is a collaboration between the Office of Undergraduate Research, Writers Workshop, and the University Library.

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Proposal Writing for Undergraduate Researchers Workshop

During this workshop, we will discuss the fundamentals of proposal writing, guiding students to formulate successful research projects and explain their research in a concise and compelling manner that is understandable to a general audience. Students will leave the workshop with (1) basic knowledge about research proposals and their structure, (2) tactics and tools to write successful research statements, and (3) a list of resources for assistance in the writing process. This workshop is a collaboration between the Office of Undergraduate Research and the Writers Workshop.

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Research to Resume Workshop

During this workshop, we will discuss strategies to successfully communicate research skills and experiences through job, graduate school, and internship application documents. Students will leave the workshop with (1) a better understanding of how to pull marketable skills from their regular research activities and (2) practical experience marketing these skills and experiences through cover letters, resumes, and CV's.

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Request a Workshop or Presentation

We are also available to visit classes, Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), and campus units upon request to introduce our resources or deliver a customized and interactive presentation or workshop. Please submit a request using our Workshop Request Portal.

Non-OUR Workshops

Savvy Researcher

Organized by the University Library, the Savvy Researcher Workshop Series teaches a wide variety of research and information management topics. Workshop topics include general research skills (including citation management, literature reviews, and much more), data discovery and management, digital humanities, geographic information systems (GIS), scholarly communication (including copyright, author’s rights, creating online profiles), sharing your research (including poster presentation and design), and lots more.

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CITL Data Analytics

The Data Analytics Workshop Series, organized by the Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning (CITL), equips students with practical skills in data analysis. Learn how to use statistical software, qualitative programs, and design survey questionnaires on platforms like SPSS, R, Stata, Python, and Qualtrics. Enhance your data analysis capabilities to make data-informed decisions for your research project.

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