Undergraduate research opportunities are available from every college.

Some are structured classes, while others are provided by individual faculty. The Office of Undergraduate Research or undergraduate student office within each college or department can help you locate research experiences that will put your classroom training to work and help you explore if a research career is in your future.

To begin a research project:

  1. Define your research topic

    Think about what interests you. What would you like to learn more about? Find work online and in publications by other people who share your interests. Choose courses that connect to your interests. Go to office hours and seek insight from your professors about the topic you’re considering.

  2. Identify a faculty mentor

    Identify a potential faculty advisor for your work. Consider faculty you know from your courses, research other faculty on campus who are working in your area of interest, or talk to your academic advisor. Read the helpful guidelines for approaching a faculty advisor about a research project.

  3. Find the right opportunity

    Explore the research opportunities on this site, or contact the undergraduate student office in your college or department. You don’t have to limit yourself to campus - depending on your field of study, you may find an opportunity that fits your interest at another university or abroad.

  4. Share your findings

    After you’ve completed your research project, think about presenting at a conference (including the University of Illinois Undergraduate Research Symposium) or publishing in a journal to bring your findings to a larger audience.