About IURA:

Illinois Undergraduate Research Ambassadors (IURAs) are a collaborative cohort of accomplished and experienced students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

IURAs help to promote undergraduate research at the U of I and help the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) develop and maintain student-focused programs that represent the U of I’s diverse array of disciplines. As representatives of OUR, IURAs will be responsible for promoting undergraduate research to peers by holding informational workshops on undergraduate research, serving as a liaison between OUR and academic departments, and being knowledgeable about the resources that the U of I offers its undergraduate students interested in research and creative inquiry.

curtis althaus portrait

Curtis Althaus

Major: Chemistry

Experimental Battery Research through Electroanalytical Chemistry

Curtis will hold meetings in the Fall

haihley connors portrait

Haihley Connors

Major: Interdisciplinary Health Sciences / Minor: Public Health

African American Breast ER+ Cancer Disparities

Haihley will hold meetings in the Fall

kaitlyn ho portrait

Kaitlyn Ho

Major: Mathematics / Minor: Secondary Education

Mathematics Education

Kaitlyn will hold meetings in the Fall

erica joo portrait

Erica Joo

Major: Molecular & Cellular Biology Honors / Minor: Journalism

Molecular mechanisms of meiotic checkpoint pathways in mammals

Erica will hold meetings in the Fall

mit kotak portrait

Mit Kotak

Major: Engineering Physics / Minor: Statistics and Computational Science & Engineering

Scientific Simulation using Supercomputers and Machine Learning Applications to Student Success Data

Mit will hold meetings in the Fall

justine macalindong portrait

Justine Macalindong

Major: Integrative Biology / Minor: Informatics

Changes in pollinator anti-predator behavior due to increased soil organic carbon

Justine will hold meetings in the Fall

kira martin portrait

Kira Martin

Major: Materials Science & Engineering

HiPIMS vacuum plasma deposition

Kira will hold meetings in the Fall

megi mecolli portrait

Megi Mecolli

Major: English / Minors: Political Science, Classics & Anthropology

Creative Writing and its Intersections with Real-World Industries and Movements

Megi will hold meetings in the Fall

holly panfil portrait

Holly Panfil

Major: Speech & Hearing Sciences / Minor: Spanish

Aging and cognition of individuals with mild cognitive impairment

Holly will hold meetings in the Fall

reilly ruzella portrait

Reilly Ruzella

Majors: Molecular & Cellular Biology and Brain & Cognitive Science 

Interrelationship between long term physical activity and cognitive functioning tested through technology-driven interventions

Reilly will hold meetings in the Fall

Vani sharma portrait

Vani Sharma

Major: Molecular & Cellular Biology / Minor: Public Health

Examining fall prevention methods in older adults with neurological disorders

Vani will hold meetings in the Fall

shriya srikanth portrait

Shriya Srikanth

Majors: Information Sciences and Finance / Minor: Computer Science

Data privacy, specifically relating to education policy

Shriya will hold meetings in the Fall

tyler swanson portrait

Tyler Swanson

Major: Agricultural & Consumer Economics

Impacts of Renewable Energy Policy on Energy Generation Outcomes

Tyler will hold meetings in the Fall

render symanski portrait

Render Symanski

Majors: History and East Asian Languages & Cultures / Minor: Political Science

The history of Japanese and Okinawan social and political relations

Render will hold meetings in the Fall

anna tsyrulnikov portrait

Anna Tsyrulnikov

Majors: Molecular & Cellular Biology and Psychology

Behavioral effects of repeated exposure to psychoactive drugs

Anna will hold meetings in the Fall