Share your findings with the world.

The research you conduct as an undergraduate is valuable, so it’s important to share your work! Presenting and publishing are part of the research process. Academic publishing creates a public record of original contribution to knowledge and allows for researchers to take part in scholarly discussions in the field.

Publishing Your Work

There are many journals dedicated to highlighting exceptional undergraduate research. Publishing is a professional development opportunity that allows you to gain experience in the peer-review process, inform future career paths, and gain new insights. In submitting your work, you’ll receive feedback that can help build your skills as a researcher and a writer. See our list of journals that publish undergraduate work. Please consult the website for each journal for submission guidelines and types of articles published.

Presenting at a Conference

Presenting at a conference offers similar benefits in that you will build public speaking skills, engage with other researchers, and gain valuable feedback. Present U of I’s Undergraduate Research Symposium during Undergraduate Research Week. See our list of professional conferences that accept presentations by undergraduates and apply for funding through the Conference Travel Grant Competition.

Nervous about presenting? See guidelines for making posters and presentations and sign up for one of our workshops on presenting as an undergraduate researcher.