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Illinois Undergraduate Research Ambassadors (IURA)

IURA’s are a collaborative cohort of accomplished students at Illinois that help to promote undergraduate research. These students also help the Office of Undergraduate Research develop and maintain student-focused programs.

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Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program

The URAP is an opportunity for undergraduate students with little or no research experience to assist advanced graduate students with their research projects. One-on-one mentoring allows students the opportunity to understand what it means to do research.

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Undergraduate Research Workshops

The Office of Undergraduate Research offers a number of undergraduate research workshops to all students throughout the university. These workshops give students a clearer understanding of participating in different aspects of research as an undergraduate.

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Undergraduate Research Certificate Program

The Undergraduate Research Certificate provides undergraduate students the opportunity to earn an added credential to present to potential employers and graduate schools. This certificate highlights that a student has obtained a significant amount of research experience at the University of Illinois.

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Illinois Undergraduate Research Week and Symposium

Undergraduate Research Week is a celebration of student innovation and excellence. It is a showcase of the best undergraduate research and creative inquiry at Illinois. Students have the opportunity to share their research through oral panels, performances, and more.

Ethnography of the University Initiative (EUI)

EUI assists faculty from various backgrounds to integrate original student research focused on universities and colleges into their courses. In these courses, students use a variety of ethnographic and archival methods to examine the university in the broader context of our social and political times.