Since 1867, the University of Illinois has been on the cutting edge of research and discovery.

Illinois researchers have produced such revolutionary advances as the Mosaic web browser and robotic transplant surgery. As an undergraduate at Illinois, you can be a part of this tradition.

What is undergraduate research?

Undergraduate research is an original scholarly project that allows you to explore a topic of interest and communicate your findings to others. You can pursue research in any discipline, including humanities and the arts, during any year of your undergraduate career. Your research will be guided by a faculty mentor and can take on many forms:

  • Individual project – a thesis, independent study, or creative project that allows you to explore the unique topics that interest you.
  • Course-based research – an individual or group class project designed to develop applied research skills.
  • Assistance on a research project – working closely with a faculty member or graduate student on an existing project to gain valuable training in how to conduct research.
  • Study abroad – taking your research abroad in a program designed with a research component.

Why participate in research?

By engaging in research as an undergraduate, you will:

  • Enrich your educational experience
  • Have the opportunity to work closely with a faculty mentor
  • Explore issues and methods in your field of interest
  • Gain valuable skills for graduate school, professional school and/or future careers
  • Build confidence
  • Improve your communication skills