Presentation Guidelines

The following resources provide useful advice in preparing your research for presentations, orally or in poster form, at a variety of venues including at department and college events, the Undergraduate Research Symposium, and professional conferences.

Making a poster

Building a Poster Using PowerPoint

Downloadable Research Poster Template - University of Illinois Identity Standards
Checklist Before Printing – University of New Hampshire

Creating and Discussing Research Posters

Creating Effective Poster Presentations – North Carolina State University
Speaking Guidelines for Engineering and Science – Penn State University
Poster Design Guide – Cain Project, Rice University
Presentation Help – University of New Hampshire

Poster Presentation Tips

Tips on Poster Presentations at Professional Conference - California State University Northridge
University of Pittsburgh
Eastern Kentucky University
Douglas College
University of New Hampshire
University of North Carolina

Oral Presentations

Self Coaching Worksheet, Part 1 and Part 2 – University of New Hampshire
Resources – University of New Hampshire
Oral Presentation Help – University of New Hampshire
Reducing Public Speaking Anxiety – University of New Hampshire
Terrible Presentations (…and how not to give one) – University of Wisconsin-Madison

Powerpoint Presentations

Free Research Poster PowerPoint Templates –
Using Powerpoint – University of New Hampshire